Chicago Pet Shows – Rescue Events 2017

Oak Lawn Pavilion, April 29 & 30, 2017 (Sat. and Sun. 10a – 5p)

Libertyville Sports Complex September 16 & 17, 2017 (Sat. and Sun. 10a – 5p)

Kane County Fairgrounds, November 11 & 12, 2017 (Sat. and Sun. 10a – 5p)

What is the Chicago Pet Show about?

It’s all about  Rescues, Shelters & Humane Societies who will be showing Dogs, Cats and other animals available for adoption. The premise of this Chicago Pet Show is to help rescues that need forever homes.

Why go to an event?

This is the one place where you can talk to the rescues, learn about nutrition and see animals you’d never imagine that you’d be able to see.  The Chicago Pet Show offers a family friendly, affordable event for everyone.

How are we unique?

The Chicago Pet Show is designed to help bring people and pets together in one place.   Here you get to learn about all different species of pets.  Everything is here, wildlife, reptiles, primates, dogs, cats and ponies.  We bring in the best of the best with vets, high quality pet supplies and USA made treats and foods.  This is an educational event so come listen to some of our published vets giving you advice on how to care for your pet family members.  Dog trainers are here to help teach you how to socialize and have fun with your pet and make them a good pet citizen.

What can you do?

Well there are loads of opportunities to help out several different rescues.  Whether you can help with fundraising, fostering, networking, transport or adopting, it’s all here.  Openings for pet grandparents abound.  Ask the rescues about fostering opportunities.   It doesn’t matter if it’s short term or long term it all helps. Here at the Chicago Pet Show we look to build a strong pet community built with friendships and exchanging ideas so come on out to the Chicago Pet Show.

Parking is always free, adult admission is only $7,  we never charge for kids under 18 or seniors over 65 and your ticket is good for the entire weekend.  Participating rescues hand out coupons up to the event to save you $1.  as well as earning  50% of the ticket sales for their efforts so bring your kids and enjoy the weekend with us!


Looking forward to seeing everyone! Because this is a rescue based event, we ask that you PLEASE LEAVE PETS AT HOME – to keep this a stress free environment for all our rescues. 
If you are looking to adopt and want to meet up – please come to the event without your dog first to walk around – prior to introductions.    

Your wristband is good for the entire weekend, so you can come and go as much as you’d like 🙂   Then, if you’re ready to meet up – bring proof of rabies (tag or shot paperwork) and be prepared to sign off on liability for your animal upon entering.

There are no exceptions to the indemnification form or proof of rabies vaccine for dogs over 16 weeks of age.

Chicago’s Pet event fun for the whole family!


The foundation of this Chicago Pet Show is to help rescues that need forever homes.  Discover emerging trends at the Chicago Pet Show. Take advantage of face-to-face encounters to develop valuable relationships and learn about their pets or products. Meet new suppliers and renew relationships with known shelters and vendors.

April 29 & 30    Oak Lawn. IL

Sep 16 & 17      Libertyville, IL

Nov 11 & 12         St Charles, IL


Exhibiting can benefit your business through increased exposure and awareness of your products and services. Visitors are not just animal lovers, they are individuals and families who are looking for a fun and educational experience.   Do you want to learn more about becoming an exhibitor at our show? Do you have products or services that over 6,000 attendees would be interested in? Call for more information 630-385-4000   Click Here To Have Us Contact You!

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